Watch Peacocks from nearest distance&Celebrate your important moments,holidays in pure and fresh air with us,All activities are free of charge.
enjoy your summer in cool silent zone arrange parties.

  Welcome to Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra(chincholi Morachi) which is best picnic spot near punejust 45 km away from pune (near Pune-Nagar highway-Shikrapur-Ranjangaon Ganapati holly place.) sphere your busy shedule and enjoy your weekend picnic; Watch beautiful dancing peacocks and village culture, Agricultural activities,desi food and lots more.

    The name having whole meaning in it, Chincholi means Temarind trees and Morachi means Peacocks both are more in village,
Mayur Krushi paryatan is all in one, We provide best service compaired to others,unique experience of picnic near pune , you will get full dose of knowledge of various subjects,
It is best to visit for lerners,  students, for Nature lovers, For couples, ie. peoples from every entity can come for picnic.

  The village is calm and away from any noise and pollution thats why national birds are living in Chincholi, and this birds are shine of my village.
   meny times my village face drougths, but villagers did lots to save national birds, without any support of government.

Their are other picnic points around Pune and only few km. from Chincholi.

1)World famous patholes (Kund) only 12 km. from Mayur.

2)Astavinayak Mahaganapati only 8 km from Chincholi.

3)Famous Jain temple at Pabal. and lots of old historic structures near Pabal like Mastani Mahal old Vadas- only 8 km from Mayur.

4)Ramlinga temple at Ramling 20 km from Mayur.

There are more to enjoy at Mayur just spear your busy shedule and enjoy life of Natural silence.


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Mayur content farm lakes used for fishery and irigation purpose,
 It is useful during drought condition to save fruit gardens with THIBAK SINCHAN and to grow vegetables at limited stok of water .



           Comming soon

    Boating, Peddling       in farm lake  

    Watching night           stars, planets 

    threw big                     telescope

    complete Dj                 dancefloor to               enjoy Music




 Mayur content domestic animals useful for milk production, eggs ,agricultural activities such as cows, bufellows, ox, goats, desi chickens, ducks, biogas plant and lots more, all agricultural tools, enjoy various games, kite flying.

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 Mayur is special for Peacocks, you can see lots of peacocks from nearest distance, having best fruit gardens,
bright colourful flowers and birds and butterflies flying here and their, you can see dancing peacocks especially in rainy season,
 unique experience of sleep under tree, work with us,
 pollutionfree surrounding with natural silence ideal for meditation

Note: We provide most budget trip with all facillities to our guests compared to other.

We have definite purpose not Aim.

We dont have any outside staff, My home staff manages all, so their is no bad work, We provide food prepared by my mother which is so healthy and tastey.



1) Multiple Picnic spots near pune mumbai.

2) Best Place to watch dancing peacocks

3} Best place to see original agricultural activities, and to study traditional culture.

4) Village is away from any noise and pollution,calm place for meditation.

5) Provide unique, testy desi food on cheap rate.

6) More space to play, get unique experience of freeness, learn and teach your sons and doughters about culture and agricultural activities.

7) Unique homely treatment, special kitchen to coock yourself,attached bathrooms ,best beds,washing machine to wash clothes,fridge to store, no need to carry anything we provide everything needed for you. 

8) "Music is enough for life but life is not suffitient to enjoy music, we Provide best quality music system service for you to enjoy Dance and Music.